Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

who viewed my Instagram

With 500 million Instagram daily users, there must be a big portion of them wondering who viewed their Instagram profile. Who are those Insta stalkers? You know people are seeing what you shared, but how to see who viewed your Instagram posts?

Common sense would suggest that, if we can know who viewed your Instagram profile, Instagram would make it obvious, right? There would be no questions left unanswered. In the worst case scenario, the answer would be two clicks away. Instagram wouldn’t make it so hard to access one of their features, now would it?

So, let’s start by asking right questions: How to see who viewed your Instagram profile? Can you do it? The answer is yes and no. As your Instagram profile consists of many different features, the answer varies. So let’s break it down one question, one answer, at the time.

Who stalks my Instagram profile?

If you are an enthusiastic Instagram user, this question might have crossed your mind more than once. We’re sorry to be party breakers, but it’s impossible to know who views your Instagram profile. Of course, Instagram has the data of who is doing what on their network, but they’re not giving it away. At least not this one.

So if someone didn’t comment, like or share your post, you cannot know who views your Instagram posts. Neither can you know who visits your profile. We know it would be more than super useful to know who saw your posts. And sometimes this usefulness will be overcome by your curiosity. There are other people except for your followers who view your profile. I guess we will have to wait for Instagram to make it possible to know this sometime in the future.

Look at it this way: you are also viewing some profiles you’re not following. This is particularly true in case of brands or pages that share a lot of posts daily. You like the content, but you don’t exactly want to see that much of the same content all the time. So you choose not to follow, and instead you visit the profile every once in a while.

Can you see who views your Instagram profile through a third-party app?

Okay, let’s just think about it for a minute. Who views your Instagram profile, who views your pictures, and who views your videos. If this was something that Instagram didn’t perceive as confidential, it would be there. Anything Instagram wants you to see, you will see.

So do you really think there is an outside app that will give you information Instagram doesn’t? Highly unlikely. But if you Googled how to see who views your instagram profile, we’re sure there were plenty of answers. And those answers included this and that app that really works. A bit of curiosity never killed anybody. But do you really need to spend your time and money on some spam apps that don’t work? Didn’t think so.

What really works here is these apps’ guesses. So what they usually do is that the app just shows you a random Instagram account as the answer. And of course, they tell you that’s the person who views your Instagram profile. Not a very reliable source if you ask us.

We looked at some of the apps that claim to have an option of telling you who views your Instagram profile. And you can tell by the comments they are fake. There are either a lot of five-star comments, or a lot of negative ones. Why would Instagram give up its data to some third-party app anyway?

how to see who viewed your Instagram

So, is there anything for me to see on Instagram?

Of course there is, silly. You can actually find a lot about your followers and people who get engaged with your content. Knowing your audience can help you create right content for them. Happy followers are loyal followers. And you cannot make your followers happy if you don’t know what makes them happy.

So what you can do is- you can see who likes and comments on your posts. This helps a lot. You can also see how many people saw your Instagram video. Just a perfect information for you to know what type of video and content your followers like the most.

There are also Instagram stories. If Instagram won’t let us know who views our Instagram profile, they make up for it in Instagram stories. Right after you post your Instagram story, you will be able to see who laid their eyes on it. In the bottom left corner you will see “Seen by”. If you tap on it, you will be able to see who saw and how many people saw your Instagram story.

Knowing your audience and pleasing your curiosity might be your priorities. However, it’s important to know what you can and what you cannot do. Just to save you some time and energy before you start wasting it on useless things.

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