What is Instagram Used For?

What is instagram used for

Do you want to know what is Instagram used for? Had you popped this question years ago, the answer would be simple. Nowadays, the question regarding Instagram features requires a thorough research and a bit of your time.

Ten years ago it was pretty self-explanatory what is Instagram used for. Today Instagram lays many options at your feet. Not even sure what came first. Did Instagram create new options because of users’ needs? Or did Instagram allow for new opportunities to be made out of those new options?

A photo sharing platform- that’s what Instagram initially was. However, it slowly but surely has been upgraded to top notch visual platform that has a lot to offer. So what is the purpose of Instagram?

We will be guiding you through Instagram features and the reasons behind why people should use Instagram.

Instagram as a social network

Even though it greatly differs from its parent Facebook, Instagram is one of the biggest social networks there is. Facebook relies on building its virtual communication through both text and pictures/videos, and Twitter is all about text. YouTube is solely built around videos.

What makes Instagram stand out is its visual character. It is a social network where you share photos and videos, and where you search for them as well. Your feed is empty and there’s not much to see if you don’t follow other accounts. So you need to socialize! Find and follow the accounts that best match your interests.

Apart from being a passive spectator, you can engage yourself in the process as well. Like, comment, share, or even send a direct message- the choice is yours. The chances are, you will be getting the same treatment in return by your followers. It’s definitely the high jinx of Instagram.

Editing and sharing Instagram posts

Much has been achieved since the very first day of Instagram. Back in the day you could only post your photos through the app. Also, there were not so many filters or editing features.

Forty picture filters should be more than enough to satisfy anybody’s visual needs. No worries if your photo needs to be cropped or straightened, you can do it in the app. You can also adjust the brightness, contract, colors and much more. Thirteen editing options are waiting for you to use them as you wish.

You can apply many filters to videos as well. If the video is too long or you just want some parts of it published, you can do it through the Trim option. You also get to choose the cover of the video. And that is pretty cool especially if you want to attract people and have them watch your video many times.

Editing and sharing Instagram stories

Instagram stories have come into focus big time. Ephemeral kind of sharing your life moments or business news are a perfect way of connecting with your followers.

The followers can reply and react to your Instagram story, which is usually the interaction that continues in your direct messages.

Options for being creative when posting an Instagram story come in vast quantities. You can choose from going live, creating a typed post, posting a picture or a video, making a super famous Boomerang. You can pick the layout of your photos and videos that you want to take. There’s also the Superzoom option that is far too fun to use. Hands-free option is pretty useful on many occasions.

Instagram for business

Instagram has been recognized as an extremely useful tool for businesses and their exposure. Having such a numerous audience and posting options is what makes Instagram a perfect place for carrying out marketing strategies.

Huge amount of brands and celebrities turned to Instagram to increase their visibility and get in contact with fans and clients. And when we say huge amount, we really mean it. There are 25 million business accounts on Instagram. This shows there must be “something” out there that this many businesses recognize as valuable.

Shopping on Instagram

Shopping on Instagram is easily found through the Explore page. Once you click the magnifier icon at the bottom of the page you will the Shopping icon on the top. Here you will see tons of pictures and videos with the products you can actually purchase.

With this option you can share your usual posts and have the products tagged on them. The followers will be able to see the tag of the product you are advertising. The click on the tag will further take them to the website page where they can order goods.

Shopping on Instagram is only available to businesses in certain countries so make sure to check the requirements before applying.

Watching TV on Instagram IGTV

Not an actual TV, but very close to one. And waaaay more fun, to be honest. You can access IGTV the same way you access the Instagram Shopping. Click on the magnifier icon in the bottom of the home page and IGTV option will be right on top.

Here you can enjoy longer videos than the ones that are posted on the feed and that last for a minute. Perfect for watching and following the cooking recipes and workout sessions. Of course, it doesn’t end there, you will have a lot of content to enjoy and explore.


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