What is an Instagram Handle?

what is an instagram handle

Spending so many hours and years, on Instagram, we have learned a thing or two. Maybe even more than we are aware of. However, there are still some things left unknown or undiscovered. 

Let’s test that. Someone asks you what your Instagram handle is. What do you reply? Do you reply at all?

Make sure to read this article in which we will tell you what an Instagram handle is. And more useful information about it, of course. 

What is an Instagram handle?

Instagram name, Instagram username, and then Instagram handle. Three different terms for pretty much the same thing.

Instagram handle is your Instagram username that you will write with @ before it.

So, the Instagram handle is basically the name you choose to appear in your Instagram profile URL. 

Instagram handle is a unique link to your profile. There cannot be two same Instagram handles. It’s all about being one of a kind when it comes to Instagram handle.

It’s kind of a business or personal card you’re handing in, but online. 


What is my Instagram handle?

To find out what your Instagram handle is, you will need to go to the Instagram website on any browser. 

Go to your profile page and look up in the address bar. 

You can see your Instagram handle in your profile’s URL. Let’s take a look. 

Instagram handle for Business

In case you still haven’t figured it out, the Instagram handle is an integral part of your Instagram profile. It’s your unique address through which you present yourself (or your business) to others. 

When you start the process of creating an Instagram account, creating an Instagram handle is one of the steps. Now you want to be smart here. And creative and thoughtful. 

Creating an Instagram profile for your business is already a brilliant idea. Exposing your business to a broad audience brings a lot of benefits along. Think about brand awareness and brand visibility you are about to get. 

With this being said, it’s pretty apparent the Instagram handle for your business is very important.

You want to keep your Instagram handle as close to your business as possible. Whether it’s already an established brand or an enterprise specialized for something you want your Instagram handle to represent your company.

Instagram handle for personal use

Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. Especially if you moved out, and not everyone is just a ride away from you.

Looking at your family’s photos, messaging your friends, sending them your pictures- it’s pretty fun! 

If you want your friends and family to be able to find you easily on Instagram, stick to your name. If it’s already taken, try adding a number or a sign. 

It’s good to know this if you want to go full incognito- don’t put your name as your Instagram handle.

Instagram handle for influencers

Many people recognized Instagram as an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash. Influencers on Instagram try to leverage their follower base in change for money. 

Being an Instagram influencer is not something that comes overnight. You need to be thoughtful of every step you take in creating your Instagram identity.

Being smart when it comes to creating an Instagram handle is something you won’t regret later. Especially when followers start coming in bunches. 

Coming up with a perfect Instagram handle might not be that hard as you would think. 

Simply try combining your name with what you do. Or take a phrase everyone has heard of and turn it into something unique. 

Here are some cool examples of what we’re talking about.


Tips for creating Instagram Handle 

We’re sure we made it clear so far just how vital Instagram handle can be. It’s your fingerprint in the Instagram world, but luckily you are not born with it. You can choose your own Instagram handle.

Although you can change your Instagram handle later, it’s not the smartest idea ever to do so. Once your followers recognize you and get accustomed to your Instagram username, the habit is hard to be changed. 

We recommend having a few tips for creating Instagram handle in mind.

Simplicity is the key. It really is. Imagine having an Instagram handle that is too long or has a bunch of numbers included. Nobody will remember that. Most people won’t be able to read it, or they will lose interest quickly. And you will be left with unrecognizable Instagram username nobody acknowledges. 

Do the keyword research. Here you can mix and match your name or your company’s name with the keywords. Not the most straightforward task, so turn your creative mode on.

Employ a machine. If you’re clueless, just try using some of the username generators. You might get lucky to get a cool username. Or it will inspire you to create one on your own. You never know. 

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