What Fonts Does Instagram Use?

what fonts does instagram use

Engaging audience is what Instagram does best. You are well aware of the benefits of having an Instagram account, especially if you are running a business. Plus the amount of entertainment that is waiting for you once you set your virtual foot in Instagram!

However, that’s not the only thing you find attractive on Instagram. You have to give it to designers for its appealing layout. And the Instagram fonts! Yes, the fonts, how come you never thought of it? Or maybe you did, but didn't know much about them.

So what is it, what fonts does Instagram use? Pleasing to the eye, they do not come in between you and your endless scrolling. This means the designers working on Instagram fonts do their job very well.

Obviously, Instagram does not use just one font. Rather, it uses different fonts depending on where you access it from and what you are posting and seeing. So let’s see how Instagram fonts look and where.

Instagram fonts for iOS vs. Instagram fonts for Android

Yes, Instagram will not look the same for iOS and Android users when it comes to the font.

If you are an iOS user you will be seeing Freight Sans font on Instagram. This font is used for major headlines and parts of text that need to attract the attention. Its warm appearance makes this font so invitingly readable!

Anything else you see on your iOS Instagram app is typed by using Neue Helvetica font. Helvetica, as a part of sans-serif font family, has been around for a long time, and for a good reason. Both neutral and timeless, Neue Helvetica is a font everyone will enjoy.

On the other hand, the font Instagram uses on Android is Systems Roboto, along with Freight Sans. It is characterized by its geometrical forms with some open curves. This is what makes this Instagram font for Android extremely pleasant.

Instagram mobile font

Instagram fonts for Instagram website

If you are accessing Instagram from its website, the font you are seeing is called Proxima Nova. This font is used together with Neue Helvetica. All the texts, including comments, descriptions, names, etc. is presented by these two fonts.

Proxima Nova, as a font used for Instagram website, combines modern and geometric appearance. It unofficially took the first place from Helvetica as the world’s most popular typeface!

Instagram desktop font

Instagram fonts for small and main texts

The font Instagram is using for small texts, such as bio, comments, and followers, is Proxima Nova. The font manages to look high-end while covering the text that should not attract much attention. Proxima Nova ticks a lot of boxes: it is cool and modern, yet very easy to read.

For major texts and headlines Instagram uses font called Freight Sans which we previously mentioned. This font is used for the parts of Instagram that need to get noticed the most.

Fonts used for Instagram stories Type mode

Everyone loves posting stories! Besides being fun, Instagram stories give you an opportunity to get creative. This was additionally supported by Instagram introducing the Type Mode. It lets users write whatever they want along with being able to choose the font style. Moreover, the Type Mode can be used when posting both pictures and videos. I bet you were wondering what fonts does Instagram uses for stories.

There are five styles users can pick between. “Modern” style uses Aveny-T font, and “Neon” style uses Cosmopolitan font. “Classic” style uses either San Francisco Italic Bold for iOS or Roboto for Android. “Typewriter” uses Courier Bold font, while Helvetica Neue is used for “Strong” style.

instagram story fonts

The Classic style has been used on Instagram since the beginning of Type mode. Only later did it get the support of additional four styles. The Modern style is definitely daring but it is not uppity and bossy at all. It is great for brands whose genre revolves around present-day matter. The Neon style does not fall far from its name. Bright and engaging cursive might attract the youngsters the most. Very unique yet classy, the Typewriter style offers timeless simplicity. It might just be a perfect match for your unusual or casual brand. The Strong style is reserved for those who are not afraid to make a statement. Large and bold, this style is for those who want to be heard.

Thus, Instagram has made itself a heaven for marketers and people who seek to establish their brand and make it recognizable. You decide on a marketing strategy for your business, or what do you want your Instagram identity to reflect. Instagram got you covered when it comes to style.


Many of us witnessed Instagram’s path from being a gallery app to the most influential social media network. Gaining trust and engaging users is not an easy job to do. One of the things that helped Instagram reach that goal is definitely its captivating and stylish layout. With the fonts Instagram uses, they surely managed to catch everyone’s eye.

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