What Does tbh Mean on Instagram? (TBH Meaning)

what does tbh mean on Instagram

Online slang is used heavily in social media, as well as texting. It's important you understand what the main internet acronyms mean so that you don't get confused during a conversation.

One of the most common inuendos is ‘tbh'. Originally, ‘tbh' meant ‘To Be Honest'. For example:

Person A: Do you know what time the concert starts tomorrow?
Person B: I have no idea tbh (to be honest).

Common Internet Slang Meanings

Typing on your phone takes a long time. So, if there is a phrase that is often used, people will instead use an abbreviation to save having to type it out all the time. Here are the most common acronyms from the hundreds that have been created:

  • BTW – By the way. e.g. BTW my friend asked if she can come to the party this weekend, is that ok?
  • WBU / WBY – What about you? e.g. Are you feeling ok? Yes wbu?
  • HBU _ How about you? e.g. How are you doing? I'm good hbu?
  • IDK – I don't know. e.g. How many people are coming tomorrow? IDK
  • BRB – Be right back. e.g. BRB I have to go feed my dogs.
  • GTG – Got to go. e.g. Gtg my pizza is here.
  • CYA – See ya. e.g. I'm going on holiday now cya.
  • OTT – Over the top. e.g. Her reaction was OTT.
  • ILY – I love you. e.g. Good night ily.
  • DM – Direct Message. e.g. I just send you a DM about it.
  • IRL – In real life. e.g. She was much taller IRL.
  • IMO / IMHO – In my opinion / In my honest opinion. e.g. IMHO it took less time than I expected.
  • LMAO – Laughing my a** off. e.g. That was so funny LMAO.

Why do People Use Internet Slang?

So, what exactly is the point of using slang online? Well, most people using platforms such as Instagram understand the meaning of abbreviations like ‘tbh'. Therefore, abbreviations are a great way to get your message across as quickly and concisely as possible. If you're using the same phrase in every conversation, why not just use a 3 letter abbreviation rather than typing several words out.

In reality there are hundreds of abbreviations, and people are creating new ones every day. Therefore, it would be impossible to keep track of all of them. For this reason, we have listed the most common and widely known internet abbreviations above. If you ever find yourself in a conversation and can't understand an abbreviation, there are two things you can do. First, you can ask the person what it means. Alternatively, you can just do a Google search for the meaning of the abbreviation. If it is not commonly used, it may be difficult to find the meaning, or Google may return multiple different meanings. In this case, it would be best to ask the person what they meant. However, if it is a common abbreviation, such as ‘LOL', then Google will most likely show you the correct answer that makes sense.

So, abbreviations and internet slang make up a big part of texting and talking online. It's good to have a general knowledge of the most common abbreviations to avoid awkward silences during your messages!

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