What are Instagram Impressions?

what are impressions on instagram

Tracking and making sense of your data is not the easiest task these days. Especially when you have an open account on numerous social media platforms. Data is no longer only programmers’ battle. With Instagram analytics you can easily see the data you are gathering around your posts.

Seeing the data is one thing, comprehending data is another one. In this article we will shed light on Instagram impressions and the meaning behind them.

Let’s say your marketing campaign hit the road and you want to check on it. Just to take a look at how everything is going, how people are reacting, right?

This is when impressions on Instagram step in. Analyzing Instagram impressions can greatly help you with accelerating your business growth. It also works in favor of raising your brand awareness.

What Instagram impressions are and what Instagram impressions mean is just a part of what you will find here. So let’s get right to it.

What are Instagram impressions?

Simply put, Instagram impressions are the number of times your photo or a video was shown on other accounts’ feed. For an impression to count, a person who sees it doesn’t necessarily need to get engaged with it.

If you want to understand what the numbers are saying, it’s important to know what impressions on Instagram are. Even though the person didn’t like or comment on your post, if it’s displayed on their feed, it’s an impression.

Also, one person or one account can have more than one impression of your post. One person can see your post multiple times. Let’s say someone visits your profile and sees your latest post 10 times because they’re really interested in it. That’s ten impressions right there.

Once your post is shared, notifications start coming. Comments, likes, shares- this is what we can see in our activity window. However, these are not the only ways to measure the post’s presence on someone else’s feed, right?

Take yourself for example: how many times do you see a picture or a video and not engage any further? You see it but you don’t tap twice on it or comment on it. However, you still acknowledged it, you laid your eyes on it. If not that picture’s owner, then your brain received a notification saying “I saw that”.

That’s what counts. And that’s what is understood under the term of Instagram impression.

How to see Instagram impressions?

If you have a business account, you must be familiar with Instagram analytics. Once you post something you will want to see how your post is actually doing. Subjectivity doesn’t stand a chance against the numbers.

To check your post’s data you need to go to your post. Right below the post you will see View Insights. Tap on it, and it will further take you to this post’s insights. If you scroll down you will get to Impressions. That’s the number we’re talking about here.

Another way to do it is to go to your profile. Tap on the menu in the upper right corner. You will see Insights there. Once you click it, you will be able to see the Insights for your posts and stories, activity and your audience. You can learn more about them each by choosing single posts or stories. You can also take a general look at the data behind your profile.

Now, that’s not all. You can see that under Impressions, you still have some more terms. These are different types of Instagram impressions: from home, from hashtags, from profile, from other. This tells you where your impressions come from.

It’s a pretty useful thing to know since you can see where you got the most impressions from. Improving your marketing strategy might start right there.

Difference between impressions and reach, anyone?

Impressions and reach are some of the most essential metrics you will need if you want to succeed on Instagram. Knowing your audience is everything! Impressions and reach will both help you understand how people are interacting with your content.

Although they both tell you how your content is performing, they are not the same. Knowing the difference between impressions and reach will help you understand them better and put them to good use.

We have already discussed what impressions on Instagram are. They represent the total number of times your content appears to other users.

On the other hand, reach is the number of unique users who got to see your posts. If one person sees your content that’s one reach. Now, contrary to impressions, reach on Instagram does not include repeated views. So someone can look at your post for as many times as they wish, but that is still counted as one reach.

They might appear to be similar, but impressions and reach on Instagram are different things that should not be ignored. If you want your marketing campaign to run smoothly, pay attention to these too, you won’t regret it.