Viewing Private Instagram Profiles – Is it Possible?

Instagram profiles can be set to one of two states: Public or private.

What Does Public / Private Mean on Instagram?

When set to public, Instagram allows anyone free access to all of the user’s photos, videos and stories. You can view all of them an unlimited amount of times. The only restriction is that if you are not a registered Instagram user, you will only able to view a certain number of photos. After this, you’ll receive a prompt requesting you to sign in to view the remaining photos. By default, your profile is set to public.

The other state that a profile can be is private. This means that Instagram will not display any of your content unless the visitor is following you. In order to be a follower, you must manually approve he person’s follow request. In short, your entire profile, except your profile picture, is hidden from everyone who is not following you. You must set your profile o private manually if you wish to have this option. You can do this by going to Profile > Settings > Privacy > Turn on ‘Private Account. as described in Instagram’s help article.

So How Can I View a Private Instagram Profile?

With this being said, obviously it is quite frustrating if you aren’t an approved follower but want to see a private user’s photos. In this case, there is actually a new way to do this. Fortunately, in 2020 a lot of very intelligent people have come up with a way to do just this. The answer is to use a Private Instagram Viewer.

Private viewers are a very new and innovative way to see hidden profiles, but they work like magic. Basically, they are a tool that interacts with the Instagram API using a set of coded instructions. This in turn receives a response from Instagram displaying the stories, photos and videos that the person has uploaded.

Most Private Instagram Viewers are a simple web – based tool, however some may be an app that you have to download and even link your Instagram profile with. It’s best to just use the standalone viewers that are available for free online.

Pros / Cons of a Private or Public Instagram Profile

Having your profile set to public gives you just that: Publicity. If you’re an aspiring artist or public figure, you’re going to want to have a public profile. This will allow the entire world to freely view your work and content. Many people use Instagram to showcase their skills and knowledge in their field, so having a public Instagram profile in an excellent way to promote this.

Depending on what content you’re posting, you may alternatively wish to have a private Instagram account. For example, if you’re a teacher and only want your students to be able to view your content, a private profile is an excellent way to achieve this. However, there is no way to stop your approved followers from showing your photos using their phone to other people in real life, who you may now wish to see it. This is the major downside of the privacy aspect of Instagram’s private profile feature.

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