Instagram Won’t Let Me Post, Why?

Instagram Won't Let Me Post

A common problem that people face on Instagram is that it won’t let them post a photo or video. There are a number of reasons this can happen, and this post will walk you through the different methods on how to fix it.

Instagram Won’t Let Me Post

The issue with Instagram not letting you post is usually caused by a bug in the temporary data that Instagram has stored on your device. Clearing this data will fix usually fix the issue. Here’s how to do it:

Clear the Instagram Cache

The main reason why people suddenly can’t upload photos to Instagram is because there is a problem with the cookies that Instagram has stored on your phone. In order to fix this, you just need to reset this data.

Clear the Cache on iOS

  • 1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • 2. Look for the Instagram icon then tap on it
  • 3. Tap ‘Offload App’ to clear the Instagram cache.
  • 4. Open up Instagram again and see if it lets you post now

Clear the Cache on Android

  • 1. Go to Settings > Apps
  • 2. Scroll down until you find Instagram
  • 3. Tap ‘Storage’ > ‘Clear Cache’

After doing this, all of the data that Instagram has stored on your phone will be reset. Of course, all of your account data, such as your posts, photos, comments etc. will still remain on Instagram. This method just removes the temporary data that Instagram has stored on your device i.e. the cookies. Because of this, you will need to sign back into your account. You should now be able to upload photos without any issues. If you still can’t, then there may be other problems causing the bug, and we have outlined all of the solutions to these below.

Change Your Instagram Data Setting

There is a setting within Instagram that places limits on what you can upload / post, as well as how often, in terms of how much data it’s using. If Instagram isn’t letting you post, it’s possible that this limit is set too low. To raise the limit, do the following:

  • 1. Go to your Profile -> Settings
  • 2. Tap ‘Account’
  • 3. Scroll down until you find ‘Cellular Data Usage’

By doing this, Instagram won’t eat up as much of your phone’s cellular data, or Wifi bandwidth, when uploading images and videos.

Instagram’s Photo Policies

Instagram has strict rules about the kinds of photos you can upload, and they have very clever bots that detect if your photo breaks these rules. Make sure your photo does not contain any obscene content, such as nudity or violence.

Free Up Space on Your Phone

If your phone’s memory / storage space is full, this could be preventing you from uploading photos to Instagram. To fix this, try removing some apps that you don’t need and closing apps that you aren’t using.

Is Your Account New?

If your account is new, Instagram will has restrictions on how many posts you can create in a short space of time. You can try to bypass this issue by making your profile look more legit, such as uploading a profile picture, having a bio, and interacting with other users by liking and commenting on their content. If this doesn’t fix it, you may just have to wait some time until your profile becomes older.

15 thoughts on “Instagram Won’t Let Me Post, Why?

  1. Derick Reply

    This article has been very helpful, I was able to fix the issue of Instagram not letting me post after trying the steps you outlined. Great work!

  2. blank
    .belo Reply

    This was helpful. I chose the ‘Offload’ instagram option and it worked .

  3. blank
    Indy Reply

    Thank you!! This page is SO helpful! I’ve been struggling for too long not being able to upload and therefore not being able to switch accounts and your instructions helped me fix it

  4. blank
    Ilias Reply

    Searched the whole web and this is the only article that actually saved me! Thank you!!!

  5. blank
    Camii Reply

    It worked! Before I tried to post something but I goes from 22 posts to 23. Then,when I went to the feed,I see my post but I couldn’t like it. Then when I go to my account, it went back to 22. Thank you

    • blank
      HipFollow Post authorReply

      Hi Nicol,

      You can try using your wifi as well as your cellular data to see if one allows you to post. This is a good way to isolate the issue.

  6. blank
    Dan Reply

    Useful, I followed all these steps they seemed to work. If not then I believe the last option that applies to me is to wait a little longer since I opened my account three weeks back.

  7. blank
    Kimberly Sikorski Reply

    Hi all of a sudden Instagram has been giving me problems uploading my photos. I have a Galaxy 8+ and an IPad mini 4 . I use Google cloud for storage. When I try to upload a photo it gets all the way to the point where you hit share and nothing happens. It looks like it should work but just doesn’t. I emptied the cache on the Instagram app as well as on my IPad and Samsung phone. Do you have any suggestions ? I was able to upload ONE photo and then it stopped working for me again. Thanks ! Kim

    • blank
      HipFollow Post authorReply

      Hi Kim,

      As you’ve already cleared the app cache, can you try reinstalling the app and see if that works? If not then it is most likely a problem with your Instagram account. Perhaps they have set limits for you, so reaching out to Instagram may be the next step to getting your posting issue resolved.

  8. blank
    Faye Reply

    How long after making my account should I be able to start posting more.its been almost 3 days since I’ve made my account

    • blank
      HipFollow Post authorReply

      Hi Faye,

      Usually within a week you should be able to use Instagram normally. Instagram just needs to be sure that you are a legitimate user as your profile is still new.

  9. blank
    Jerry Reply

    I have tried your suggestions to upload a photo to my IG account which is almost 4 years old. I’ve cleared the cache on my Android, I have ample storage, I post dog photos, so nothing obscene, and I haven’t posted since this past Monday, so no volume issues. This has never been a problem in the almost 4 years I’ve had the account.

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