Instagram Won’t Let Me Log In, Why?

Instagram won't let me log in

One issue that many people have been facing on Instagram recently is that they can’t log in. Instagram might show an error message, such as “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” or “Sorry there was a problem with your request” – which doesn’t tell us much about what’s causing the issue! Alternatively, you might be trying to log in and nothing is happening at all. In this article, we will discuss the main fixes for Instagram not letting you log in,

Instagram Won’t Let Me Log in

  • Solution 1: Clear the Instagram cache. If the issue is with your app, then this solution will fix it. Sometimes the temporary data that Instagram stores on your phone can get corrupted, which leads to bugs in your app such as not being able to log in. Clearing the cache takes 30 seconds and is very easy to do. Here’s how:
  • Solution 2: Log in with your browser. The first thing you should do is try to log in through your internet browser via the Instagram website. You can do this either on your phone or your computer, as long as you’re not logging in through the app. If you are able to log in using your browser, then the issue is with your Instagram app. If you’re not able to log in, then the issue is with your Instagram account.
  • Alternative Solutions

    Most of the time, the two solutions listed above will fix the issue of Instagram not logging in. However, if you are still facing the problem, try the rest of the methods below until one of them works:

    • 1. Check your username & password are correct. It’s very easy to get mixed up with your different accounts, so just make sure you’re entering the right credentials.
    • 2. Close the app and restart your phone. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix everything!
    • 3. Reset your password. This is always annoying but it could end up fixing the issue for you. To do this, just go to the Instagram login screen and tap ‘Forgot Password’. Instagram will then send you an email to change your password.
    • 4. Reinstall the app. The final thing you can do on your side is to reinstall the Instagram app. Everyone hates doing this, but it should fix any issues that there may be with your Instagram app.
    • 5. Contact Instagram If all of the above methods haven’t worked, then the final option you have is to contact Instagram for help. Instagram actually has a great support team that’s always friendly and eager to help. The best way to contact them is to email them at [email protected] However, it may take a few days for you to get a response, so it’s best to try the above methods before contacting them.

    So there you have it! We know how annoying it can be Instagram starts giving you issues. Hopefully one of the solutions that we listed above have fixed the issue for you. Remember, the issue is either with your app, or with your Instagram account, so make sure you try all the solutions to tackle the problem from all angles.

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