The Instagram Rules: What You Can’t Post On Instagram

It’s only been about 8 years since Instagram came into the limelight and the social media app has practically taken over every aspect of our lives. Instagram is a social media platform with over a billion daily users, it is arguably the most influential social networking app in existence. However, this underlines its importance to our everyday lives.

Truth be told, some of us check our feeds daily more times than we can count, while others practically live on the app. So no one can claim to not have certain attachments to Instagram. The strategic importance of this app in your and others lives underscores the various rules of engagement in the app. However there are some rules that are not explicitly stated. Nevertheless, the fact that they are unwritten does not make them less important.

Five Things You Should Never Post On Instagram.

These days everyone of consequence is on Instagram. Huge brands and big Corporations and vendors also use it to promote their products. Yes, Instagram is a huge gold mine for people who know but it can also be a minefield for the amateurs.

Here we give advice on things that could make you lose followers, engagement and unpopular on Instagram. Some of the things you should never post on Instagram are:

  1. Plagiarized content
  2. Jealous/envious posts
  3. Sensitive information about yourself
  4. Hate filled content
  5. Too many selfies.

Let’s briefly examine the above:

1. Plagiarized Content

Every influencer, vendor, business, model and person understands the need to post unique content in order to stand out from the crowd. It is difficult to consistently post unique content, but it is better than stealing other people’s posts for your timeline. People who do this usually get called out and lose followers for their efforts.

2. Jealous / Envious Posts

It is important to maintain a professional and humorous fa├žade on the timeline. However in the midst of all the glam and bling of the gram, it is easy for someone to turn envious. Jealousy is bad and easily spotted. You don’t want to be tagged that way especially when you’ve got brands watching. Act like the graceful professional that you are at all times!

3. Sensitive Information About Yourself

This is a common occurrence on Instagram. A lot of people post unsolicited stories about themselves and their lifestyle. No one wants to know about your bowel movement or your nasty pimples. This content is usually disgusting and less engaged. You should aim to add value to your followers or make them feel better about themselves. Everything should not be about you.

Hate Filled Content

Instagram users spot bitter contents from miles away. They have learnt to avoid handles that post hateful things, evil pranks, dark jokes, insensitive comments and so on. These handles also tend to get isolated and blacklisted.

Too Many Selfies

Is there such a thing as too much selfies? And on Instagram at that? Yes and yes.
I know Instagram seems to be the selfie capital of the world but you should try to moderate your posts. Try to mix it up some more. Selfies, motivational posts, cool pictures of cars, funny skits, animals etc all these are things you could also post. Posting yourself too much is a little boorish and boring. Boring is one thing you don’t ever want to be on Instagram.

Long Captions

Professional writers, content editors, brand specialists and product marketers will tell you that brevity is key in social media marketing. Even more so for personal and non business posts.

Most people tend to skip your posts when they see the length of the caption; and I tell you now, nobody has time to read a 500 words caption, no matter how powerful, educative, passionate or interesting it might be. Keep it succinct, short and classy.


Try to keep your ranting to a barely minimum level. No scratch that, try not to rant at all on your Instagram.

Social media is meant to be a world away from a world. It should be your escape from your problems and realities (it could also provide the solution to those problems). You should note that nobody is following you on Instagram so they can watch you rant and complain about stuff.

Everyone has their own issues and are learning or trying to cope with it, posting your issues on Instagram makes you seem like an attention seeker. It will also make you lose followers and engagements.

Try to make your page inspirational, beautiful, chic, professional or something else, but do not be that person who runs a pity shop or page.

Malicious Content

Gossiping is very popular on social media pages. In fact most social media platforms are hubs of gossiping. Almost every page posts and reposts sincilating contents about celebrities, influencers, brands, businesses, families and so on. This might seem fun and all but 99% of the time the other side or the person targeted is being hurt and wronged.

In recent times social media platforms have led campaigns against hate speeches and suicide; learning to moderate your posts should be your quota to the campaign. Also if you’re discovered to have enabled the spread of malicious contents on Instagram you might lose followers, engagements and get your account suspended.

The worst part of being a social media figure is being relegated to the role of a pariah.


As you can already guess this article is a blend of things you should never do if you want to grow your followers, increase engagement and be an influencer on Instagram.

Social media has often been described as immoral and soulless by several people, but it also presents a mouth watering opportunity to businesses and brands; they will need uncontroversial ambassadors to lead or spearhead their entry into a new system. And this advice makes you fall into that category.

Additionally, this is valuable advice that includes corporate, moral and personal tips for everyone, no matter the type of account you wish to operate on Instagram.

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