Instagram Live is Not Working, Why?

Instagram live not working

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram live is a great way to interact with your followers in real time. Your basically doing a one-way Facetime call with all of your followers. There’s a chat section where your fans can ask you questions, and you can give them a verbal answer which people love. Regularly streaming on Instagram live is a fantastic way to grow your audience and keep your current follower base interested in you. However, whilst Instagram Live can be great, it can also have a lot of technical problems. People often find themselves struggling for hours to try and get Instagram Live to work. Fortunately, we have formed a one-stop guide to getting your Instagram Live working again. So, let’s get started!

Instagram Live is Not Working – How to Fix it

As mentioned previously, Instagram Live often stops working for many people. Whether it won’t let you start streaming, isn’t sending out notifications, or just won’t start up, there are many things that can go wrong. Fortunately, there are a few methods that tend to fix all of these problems.

  • The first thing for you to try is to simply restart your app. We know this sounds too simple to be true, but this can often end up fixing a lot of things on Instagram. So, give your app a restart. If Instagram Live still isn’t working, we still have a few more solutions for you to try.
  • The next method is to clear your Instagram cache. Instagram stores lots of data on your phone, and sometimes this data can become corrupted. When it does, it tends to cause bugs within your app, such as Instagram Live not working. So, to clear the cache, just follow the three steps in the image below:
  • Another common reason that you cannot go live is because your device permissions are not allowing it. Fixing this is easy. For iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Camera and ensure that access for Instagram is turned on. Do the same for the microphone by going to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. For Android, the Instagram will automatically have access to your camera and microphone so there’s no need to check this.
  • Check that your Instagram is up to date. Instagram regularly releases updates that fix issues and bugs that users have reported. If your app is not up to date, your version of Instagram Live may not be communicating properly with Instagram’s servers. You can check that your app is up to date by searching ‘Instagram’ on the App Store or Google Play Store. If there is an update available, it will show an ‘Update’ button.
  • If Instagram Live is still not working after restarting your app and clearing the cache, then there is something fundamentally wrong with your app. Perhaps it did not install correctly, or has become corrupted. In any case, you will need to reinstall the app from the app store. This is the final thing that you can try to fix Instagram Live.

So there you have it! After trying all of these solutions, your Instagram Live should definitely be working again. Have fun going live!

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