Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out, Why? [2020 Update]

One issue that many people have been facing on Instagram recently is that they keep getting logged out. This can either be down to a bug or mistake by the user. In this article, we will list the most common reasons that Instagram is logging you out, as well as the solutions on how to fix it.

Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out

The issue of Instagram logging out usually affects people who have more than one account. If you are regularly switching between different accounts, Instagram can eventually get confused. This then leads to a bug in which you get logged out even when you haven’t done so.

What are the solutions?

Below, we will list the most common methods people use to stop Instagram from logging them out.

Clear the Instagram cache

Resetting your cookies, otherwise known as clearing the cache, will usually fix this issue. Doing this will essentially refresh the data that Instagram has stored on your iPhone.

Clear the cache on iOS

  • 1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • 2. Scroll down until you find Instagram then tap on it
  • 3. Tap on ‘Offload App’. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to actually delete the app, just the saved data.

Reset Instagram Cache

Clear the cache on Android

  • 1. Go to Settings > Apps
  • 2. Again, scroll down until you find Instagram
  • 3. Tap on ‘Storage’ and then ‘Clear Cache’

After completing this step, you will need to log back in to your accounts again.

Check Your Instagram Security Settings

Instagram allows you to set different levels of security within the app. If you are constantly being logged out, you may want to change your level of security in order to fix the bug. To edit these settings, go to Profile > Settings > Account Privacy.

Check For Conflicting Apps

Sometimes certain apps can have an effect on other apps, and even cause them to stop working. If you have installed any new apps since your Instagram app stopped working properly, try uninstalling them to see if this fixes the problem. This can be especially possible if the apps you have installed are by a small developer, as these are more likely to have bugs.

Reinstall Instagram

People often find it frustrating having to reinstall an app as it can take a long time. However, reinstalling Instagram is the final thing that you can do to try and resolve your logging out issue. The data that is stored on your iPhone for Instagram will be completely reset. This means that once you install Instagram again, everything will be completely fresh, and hopefully you will no longer get logged out automatically.

These are all of the available fixes for you to use in 2020. If these methods haven’t worked, and you’re still being logged out, then there may be an issue on Instagram’s side. Perhaps there is a problem in their database with regards to your account. Head on over to Instagram’s Help Center in order to get some support.

In conclusion, getting logged out of the Instagram app is a common issue, particularly for people with one than one account. There are several solutions for you to try, such as resetting the Instagram cache or lowering your privacy settings. However, if these fail, your final option is to contact Instagram support.

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