How to Use Instagram Story Questions to Boost Your Engagement

Social media and social media interactions make up more than 70 percent of our daily interactions. And Instagram boasts one of the largest platforms and algorithm for interaction. Instagram have also become a sort of virtual marketplace for entrepreneurs and corporations all vying to create a loyal audience and fan base.

Here is where engagement comes in.


Engagement is what happens when you post something and another person interacts with the post (either by liking, sharing or commenting). Engagement is one of the most sought after things on Instagram; how to make a popular post, create good content, wow and satisfy your audiences etc so that your followers will stay loyal is one of business and people’s foremost concerns.

Today we will show you how to maximize Instagram story algorithm to boost your audiences and engagement.


Instagram story is one of the most effective way of increasing engagement on Instagram. Stories are unique in that they have a 24 hours deadline and after that they disappear. The algorithm also has a number of features that basically act like a “call to action”, that is they encourage viewers to interact with your posts.

The five ways you can increase interactions on your Instagram story are:

  1. Add a question sticker.
  2. Create a poll.
  3. liHost a AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING).

  4. Ask for feedback
  5. Outreach (do something for your audience).

Let’s go into a bit more detail on these strategies.


The question sticker is a hot feature on Instagram right now. Everyone uses but not everyone knows how important it can be. You can use this feature to ask your audience questions or ask the to ask you questions.

This is particularly important if you have a brand to sell or a product to promote, because interaction builds a loyal base. It makes your audience feel invested and included, this is a feeling every entrepreneur aims to cultivate and here is Instagram giving us a shortcut to it. This feature is bound to increase your DMs and engagement.


You can also create a poll on your stories. White or black? Freelance or Office work? Heavy make up or Nude make up? Justin Bieber or Chris Brown? This feature makes it easy to create an endless spate of content. With this you can also give your viewers a say in your business. For instance if you are in the fashion industry or you make lip gloss, you can intimate your audience about your brand by creating a poll about brand names to choose from. This means although you haven’t actually launched the brand, you have already achieved a customer base for the product. This is genius strategy, it never gets old.


This is your way of getting to know your audience and a way your audience could get to know you. You can ask them to ask you questions on specific topics, your business, your industry, your life, just about anything that could be guaranteed to boost engagement between you and your followers.


Ask for feedback on your posts, products and even the weather! “Today looks sunny, rate our new avant sunblock”. You can also use this to test the waters about a new business idea, product or brand. Ask for their feedback and thoughts on your brand, that is what is called opinion sampling, very essential in business and branding.


Do something for you audience. An exclusive discount on products, giveaway of products, monetary gifts, free tickets to the Cinema etc.


Whatever you are, whatever you want to be you need supporters, you need a loyal base to promote your brand and Instagram is the one platform that promises that. You only need post good content and boost your engagement.

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