How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram [Updated for 2020]

As Instagram becomes more popular, we find ourselves following more people. Be it your one of your friends or even a celebrity, there's always someone new that you could be following. However, sometimes you may change your mind, and instead decide that you no longer want to follow them anymore. There are many reasons for this. For example, they may be posting too much, or you simply may have lost interest in their content.

Whatever the reason, we will walk you through the quickest way to unfollow someone on Instagram. There are three steps you need to take to unfollow someone. We have updated the steps for 2019 as they are slightly different from last year, but still very simple.

How to unfollow someone on Instagram

Step 1. Go the the profile page of the person that you want to unfollow

Step 2. Tap the button next to their profile picture. It should be an icon of a person with a tick next to them:

Step 3. Tap ‘Unfollow'

And that's it! You have now unfollowed this person.

Things to note

  • The person that you unfollow will not be notified that you have unfollowed them.
  • They will still be able to view your profile and your photos. If you don't want them to be able to, you have to block them, or set your profile to private.

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