How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram

Now that Instagram has become so popular, there are endless people for us to follow. Be it celebrities, or mutual friends, sometimes we just like to go crazy and follow a bunch of people. However, eventually your Instagram feed will get clogged up, and you will begin to regret it. If you are finding yourself in this situation, no worries! There is now a simple way to unfollow everyone in one step.

The Manual Way Of Unfollowing People

The manual way to unfollow people is slow, but allows you to choose the specific people that you want to unfollow. Here’s how to unfollow people manually.

1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap ‘following’
2. Here you will see the list of people that you are currently following. Tap ‘Following’ next to the user’s name and then ‘Unfollow’ to unfollow them.

As you can tell, if you are following many people, this method will be too slow and unpractical. The next method is much faster.

How to Unfollow in Just One Step

If you’re following many people, the manual method will take far too long. Fortunately, there are many apps that automatically unfollow everyone for you. Many of them also have advanced settings such as unfollowing people that you followed after a certain date. Furthermore, these apps are extremely fast. Even if you’re following thousands of people, it will only take a matter of seconds to complete. Better yet, all of these apps are free to use. However, some may have premium features. If you’re just looking for the basic mass unfollow feature though, you’re good to go with the free versions.

Unfollow for Instagram

This app was developed by Team Unfollow. It is the most popular app for bulk unfollowing people, and rightly so. In addition to being able to unfollow everyone, it has many options for you to choose from. For example, you can choose to unfollow people who are not following you or who are following you back.

Here’s how to use the app:
1. Open the app and log in with your Instagram credentials
2. Go to either the ‘All Followers’, ‘Non – Followers’ or ‘Mutual Followers’ page depending on who you want to unfollow
3. Tap ‘Unfollow all users’

Download the app from here for Android.

Mass Unfollow for Instagram

If you’re using iOS, this is the best option for you. In addition to bulk unfollowing people, the app offers many other features too. This includes bulk blocking, unblocking, deleting posts and unliking posts. You also have the option to apply features to the type of user that you’re following. Again, the app is free and is a great way to clean up your Instagram profile.

Here are the steps you need to take on this app:
1. Open the app and sign in with your Instagram username and password
2. All of your followers will show up straight away
3. Tap ‘Delete’ at the bottom to unfollow all of them

You can download the app for iOS here.

How to Revoke Access

Remember, after you’ve finished using one of these apps it’s best to revoke access to them. You can’t do this within the Instagram app and will have to do it on computer using your browser. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to
2. Go to your Profile page > Edit Profile
3. Click ‘Authorized Applications’
4. Find the app and click the ‘Revoke Access’ button

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