How to Turn Instagram Notifications On or Off

Notifications have changed the way we use social media for the better. Instead of having to check the app all the time to see if someone has sent us a message, or if we've gained followers, notifications will simply tell us as soon as it happens. This saves us so much time and hassle. However, especially for people with a large Instagram account, some people may not want to be notified every time something happens on their profile. Instead, they may wish to check it manually a few times a day. Whether you'd like to turn notifications on or off, this guide will show the quickest way to do it!

How to Turn Instagram Notifications On / Off

For whatever notification you're trying to turn off, you will need to go to the Notifications page. Here's how to get there:
1. Go to your profile page
2. Tap the three lines on the top right > Settings
3. Tap ‘Notifications'

Here, you can see all of the different notification options, which are as follows:

Pause All

This will prevent Instagram from sending you any notifications at all.

Posts, Stories and Comments

This prevents notifications when any of the following happens:

  • Someone likes one of your posts or stories
  • Someone comments on one of your posts or stories
  • Someone tags you in a photo.
  • Someone likes and comments on a photo that you're tagged in.
  • Someone likes one of your comments.

You can either turn these off, on for everyone or on only for the people that you follow.

Following and Followers

You can turn notifications on or off for the following:

  • Someone accepts your follow request.
  • One of your Facebook friends joins Instagram.
  • Someone mentions you in their bio.
  • Recommendations on accounts you might like to follow.

Direct Messages

You can turn notifications on or off for messages requests, messages recieved and incoming video chat requests.

There are also notifications that you can turn on or off about Instagram Live, Instagram TV or from Instagram themselves for reminders, product announcements and your support requests.

When you turn a notification off, this will prevent push notifications to your device and to your email.

How Can I Receive Notifications on My Phone Without a Noise or Buzz?

If you still want get alerts but don't want to keep hearing those annoying noises or buzzing coming from your phone, you need to do this in the iPhone or Android settings. Just go to Settings > Notifications > Instagram and disable sounds. This will allow you to keep track of your profile without the annoying noises!

A Few Facts About Instagram Notifications

Did you know that Instagram sends out over 1 billion push notifications every day. With over 500 million daily active users, this isn't too surprising. That's not to say they aren't restrictive about how many notifications they send though. If your accounts gets popular and starts receiving too many, Instagram will actually limit the number of notifications they send you. Originally, Instagram only used to send notifications when someone follow you or liked / commented on your post. Now, there are over 50 different features that you can receive Instagram notifications for.

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