How to Post / Delete / Share Instagram Stories

Since it first appeared back in 2016, the Instagram story has been ever-increasing in both popularity and use. Inspired by users’ acceptance of this form of communication on Snapchat, Instagram created a feature with even more options.

Supposedly, Instagram stories are the channel with the highest view rate and engagement rate among all the social platforms.

Not only are they fun to create and watch, but they can come in different forms. Creativity freedom is strong with this one!

Knowing how to post an Instagram story or how to share Instagram story makes a big difference in shaping your online identity.

In this article we will help you find out how to post, delete and share Instagram stories. Let’s get to it.

How to post an Instagram story?

Instagram stories are diverse when it comes to their form. You can choose between posting a picture or a video. These can be taken through the app or uploaded through your Camera Roll.

  1. In the upper left corner of your feed, you will see the camera icon , tap on it.
  2. If you want to take a photo or a video through the app, tap on the circle in the bottom. If you want to use media from your phone gallery, just swipe up.
  3. If you want, you can add some filters, text, or draw something.
  4. Tap on Your Story in the bottom left corner to share the story to everyone, or tap on Close Friends (green button) to share it with the close circle of friends.

Remember, there is a lot of space to get creative here. You can add stickers, locations, and you can even make a poll. Apply the filters to add a bit of your personal touch to your Instagram story.

Let’s not forget you can shoot a video here by using some cool options. The world has been crazy about Boomerang, Superzoom, Hands-free and Live videos, try it out yourself.

You can also create Layout with photos you take through the app, a pretty smart option for creating a collage.

How to delete an Instagram story?

You post your Instagram story, and it just doesn’t seem right, or you made a typo when adding some text. No worries, you can easily delete your Instagram story.

  1. Go to your Instagram story by clicking on Your Story in the upper left corner on your feed.
  2. In the bottom right corner tap on More .
  3. Choose Delete, and then confirm Delete again.

And poof, it’s gone.

How to share an Instagram story?

So you made a pretty cool Instagram story, and it’s too cool to keep it in just one place. We hear you, we’ve been there.

Good news is you can share your Instagram story.

There are a few options of sharing your Instagram story.

  1. Go to your Instagram story.
  2. Tap on More in the bottom right corner, or in the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap on Share to… and choose where you want to share your Instagram story.


You can also share your Instagram story directly to Facebook.

  1. Go to your Instagram story.
  2. Tap on Facebook icon in the bottom of the screen.
  3. Confirm your choice.

This is what it looks like to share your Instagram story to Facebook.



What you can also do is- you can share your Instagram story as a post on your Feed. This is how it’s done.

  1. Go to your Instagram story.
  2. Tap on More in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap on Share as Post…
  4. Edit your post as you wish and post it as you would do with a regular post.

Why Instagram Story?

It would take us a whole lot of time and space to do this question justice. However, let us highlight some of the essential aspects of the Instagram story.

With more than 500 million daily users of Instagram stories, Instagram is a perfect platform in many ways. Scrolling through others’ Instagram stories can be a great source of fun and information.

It’s a great way of sharing moments from your life that you don’t want to have on your feed. The Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours, so it doesn’t stay on your profile forever.

If you’re running a business profile or you’re an influencer, an Instagram story can be beneficial in many ways. Instagram stories can engage your followers more and bring more exposure to your business.

Instagram story is quite useful for when you’re having an event or a promotion. Raising your brand awareness is definitely one of the silver linings here.

By adding text in a specific way, or applying one of the many filters, followers can recognize your style. So next time they see your Instagram story, they will know it’s you even before seeing your username.

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