How to Make a Poll on Instagram Stories

How to make polls on Instagram

Instagram polls are a great way to get the opinion of your followers on a topic. The feature to create polls was actually added back in 2017, but still not too many people know about them. They can be an incredibly useful tool for capturing the engagement of your fans. Today, we’re going to show you step by step how to add polls to your stories.

How to Add a Poll to Your Instagram Story

Step 1. Create a story
Step 2. Tap the sticker icon with a smiley face at the top right

Step 3. Choose Poll

Step 4. Type in your question and the two possible answers

Step 5. Drag the poll question to where you want it to be on the photo
Step 6. Tap Send to > Your Story. That’s it! Your story with a poll has not been published.

Viewing the Poll Results

You can get some interesting statistics from your polls. Firstly, you can see exactly how many people viewed your poll. You can also see the results as a percentage figure. However, you won’t be able to see exactly who chose which answer. Just tap on your Instagram story to see the results and statistics.

Why are Polls Useful?

  • You can get the opinion from your followers about something going on in your life, such as if you have an important decision to make and need some help.
  • Celebrities use it to engage with their fans and get their opinion on certain topics.
  • Fashion brands can get opinions on their latest clothing products.
  • Marketers can find out which design their users prefer. This is especially useful when deciding on a new logo.
  • Company can unveil their new product and get attention for it by posting a poll, such as ‘Would You Buy This?’
  • Big news organisations have used polls to get the public’s opinion on current events.
  • Tech companies can get people’s opinions on new gadgets that have recently been released. They often ask their followers what they like about the new tech and what could be improved.

It’s safe to safe that their are so many possibilities when it comes to creating polls on Instagram. So give it a try now!

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