How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Free Instagram Followers

Let's cut right to the chase. If you want to gain real, active Instagram followers for free, there are two ways to do it.

– Method 1. Do it yourself

Time spent: 3 hours per day
Average time to gain 1000 followers: 30 days

– Method 2. Use a Free Follower Network

Time spent: None
Average time to gain 1000 followers: 15 minutes

The first method involves posting photos to Instagram every day. These photos must be incredibly high quality in order to gain any followers, due to the level of saturation on Instagram. As this method takes so much time and effort, and isn't very effective, we won't be discussing this method further.

Method 2 is what we'd recommend. There are websites that have networks of real Instagram users who are ready to follow new accounts. HipFollow (us) is an example of this network. The difference with us is that almost all of our users are based in the USA. This in turn leads to much higher quality users following you, who are more affluent and likely to engage with your posts with likes and comments.

So, in order to get free Instagram followers, step one is to just choose the amount of followers that you want to gain on this page. This can range from 100 all the way up to 10,000 followers.

Next, enter your username so that we know where to send the users to. After that, just verify that you're a real person, and our network of users will begin following you. It could not be easier!

So what exactly happens in the backend? Well, once you have provided your username, we will send a notification out to our thousands users. These people will then visit your Instagram profile and will follow it. If your profile is of interest to them, they will also comment and like on your photos with their opinions.

Why Should You Care About Having More Instagram Followers?

A larger audience means there are more people to engage with your photos. This interaction, in turns, allows your posts to show up higher in Instagram's organic search results. This then leads to even more engagement and exponential growth of your profile.

Furthermore, consumers, brands and people in general will be more intrigued by your account if it boasts more followers. It could even end up to you landing influencer deals with top brands. It's important that your followers are REAL though, as it's very easy now for companies to detect fake followers. Having bot followers may also lead to your account getting suspended, so don't do it! Go with a trusted network and get real followers who are actually going to communicate with your profile and help it grow naturally, not only in the short term but also for the long term too.

What's in it for our users?

Well, in return for interacting with your profile, they get monthly rewards, such as coupon codes and more. We have thousands of active Instagram users rearing to discover new profiles to follow, so get started now!

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