How to Delete Instagram Search History

We could all do with having a bit more privacy nowadays. Most people are aware that most social media apps, including Instagram, record their visitors' activity. They use this data mainly for advertising, such as understanding what your interests are and where you have been recently. It's understandable if you would like to delete your Instagram search history, and this guide will explain how to do it!

You can either wipe your search history from within the Instagram app or if you're using a PC, on Instagram's website. We'll show you how to do it both ways.

How to Delete Instagram Search History within the App

Here are steps you need to do in order to delete your search history within the Instagram app:
1. Within the app, go to your Profile page
2. Tap ‘Settings'
3. Choose ‘Privacy and Security'
4. Scroll down until you find ‘Delete search history' and tap to delete.

This method takes under 30 seconds and will clear all of your search data on Instagram.

Delete Instagram Searches on PC

The process is slightly different on PC but essentially the same. Here are the steps:
1. Go to and log in
2. Tap ‘Settings'
3. Tap Privacy and Security
4. Select ‘Clear Search History' and then choose ‘Yes, i'm sure'

Check that your Search History Has Been Deleted

So now that you've deleted the history, you probably want to double check to make sure that it's actually happened. To do this, just go to the Instagram search page and do a search for yourself. To do this, go to the search page and tap the search bar as if you're about to type something. If none of your previous searches show up, it means that you have successfully deleted your search history!

How Does Instagram Store My Search History?

Instagram stores your search history both on their servers and on your device. Wiping the data on your device is possible as it is your device, so you own that data and can do what you like with it. It is just temporary data, which allows it to easily be deleted. However, you cannot delete the data that Instagram has stored on their servers, because you do not have access to it. You also cannot request for it to be deleted, because their terms of service, which you agreed to when signing up to the app, allows them to collect your data and store it indefinitely.

Fortunately though, due to privacy laws, Instagram are not allowed to proactively look at your data on an individual level. They mainly just use it for general analytics and to provide you targeted advertising. If you really want them to delete your search history on their side too, the only way is to request for them to delete you account, however this still does not guarantee that your data won't remain on their servers.

To conclude, there are many reasons why you may want to delete your Instagram search history. Whether you were looking up something embarrassing, want to free up memory space, or simply want to keep your social life private from friends and family, the two methods that we have discussed above will let you get rid of your prior search history that is stored on your device.

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