How to Check Instagram Direct Messages on Computer (PC)

how to check instagram direct messages on computer

Not everyone wants to use Instagram on their mobile device. In addition to having to download an entire app, you also have to use a tiny screen and keyboard that your thumbs are too big for. Fortunately, Instagram has made it possible for you to use the platform on their website using your computer. However, when it comes to things like checking your direct messages, things are quite different to navigate. This post will walk you through exactly how to check your Instagram direct messages on computer (PC) in 2019.

Instagram does not allow you to check your DMs when you log in on a browser via the website. Instead, they have developed a free app for Windows and Mac that you can use.

How to Check Instagram Direct Messages on Computer (Windows)

Step 1. Go to the Microsoft Store
Step 2. In the search box at the top type ‘Instagram' and hit enter
Step 3. Choose Instagram and then click ‘Get' to download it

Step 4. Once you have downloaded the app, log in with the same username / password that you normally use. You can then message your friends on Instagram by clicking the ‘Direct Messages' icon!

How to Check Instagram Direct Messages using Bluestacks (Windows or Mac)

Bluestacks is a mobile emulator that you can easily run on your PC to use apps such as Instagram like you normally would on your phone. It's useful to use as an alternative to the Windows app if you want to use Instagram in it's mobile layout. Also, if you're using a mac, there is no app for Instagram, so you will have to use this method. Here's how to download Bluestacks and use it to check your Instagram DMs:
Step 1. Download the software on your PC / Mac
Step 2. Once it's downloaded, click on the Right hand arrow and enter your Google account credentials
Step 3. Keep following the instructions until the setup is complete.
Step 4. Type ‘Instagram' into the search bar at the top. It will then take you to the Google Play store where you can download Instagram.
Step 5. Install the Instagram app, launch it and log in
Step 6. You can now use Instagram like you normally would on your phone, including the ability to send and receive direct messages.

Advantages of Messaging on PC

Sending Instagram messages from your PC is great as you can type instead of using the mobile keypad. This means that you can send your replies much faster, and you're also less likely to make a mistake when typing. It's also much faster to navigate between the different conversations that you have going on as they are all displayed neatly on one screen, rather than having to scroll to find the person that you want to message. In fact, everything will appear larger, meaning you can get a much better view of the photos that your friends post. You'll love how much better messaging on PC is compared to mobile, so give it a try!

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