How Many People Use Instagram?

How many people use Instagram

Well well, if those 10 years didn’t go by quickly! This year Instagram is turning 10. And during those 10 Instagram has surely influenced and shaped many lives and businesses. Instagram started as an app resembling the simple gallery where you can post photos from your vacation or daily life. And it has become a social media front runner for regular users, businesses, advertisers, and influencers.

How many of them exactly? If you are wondering how many people use Instagram, you’re not the only one. How many users does Instagram have might be an interesting thing to know. You presume the answer would be some large number. And you’re not far away from truth.

What do Instagram statistics say? How many Instagram users are there thinking “Oh, it’s a cool picture, let me post it on Instagram”? Let’s find those answers that will also highlight just how important has Instagram grown to be.

How many users does Instagram have?

Updating and expanding step by step, Instagram has turned into numero uno in the world of visual-centric platforms. It is way beyond its starting point. From a basic photo sharing platform, it has risen to a platform with various possibilities and options. And many, we really mean many, have recognized that. Numbers speak for themselves, don’t they? Let’s see what they say.

How many monthly active Instagram users are there?

As of June 2018 Instagram has reached the number of 1 billion monthly active users. Yes, that’s right- one billion active accounts on a monthly basis.

Hot on the heels of Facebook (2 billion) and Youtube (1.9 billion), Instagram has earned its place among stars. If there were 10 online users, six of them would have an Instagram account.

And the number of business accounts is nothing short of huge. 25 million business accounts are carrying out their marketing campaigns and managing the work on Instagram. Now, that’s impressive. It seems like Instagrammers and businesses are two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. More than 200 million of Instagram users visit at least one business profile on a daily basis.

How many daily Instagram users are there?

Having an option to share and edit both pictures and videos, Instagram attracts 500 million users daily. Five hundred million of accounts roam through the visual infinity.

With that many users, Instagram is a perfect platform for advertising. Many businesses and individuals are putting Instagram to good use. Creating and maintaining a brand image on Instagram is a spot on move if you ask us.

If you are not running your marketing campaign through Instagram, you might be missing out on a huge brand exposure. Imagine having such a numerous audience in one place. It’s a chance and option nobody should ignore.

Who uses Instagram the most?

It seems like Instagram is beloved mostly by people living in the US. 120 million users from the United States are accessing the platform, which is around 36% of the entire country’s population. India takes the second place with 88 million of Instagram users.

As per age, the biggest fans of the app are those who are between 25 and 34 years old. Out of a billion of Intagram users, 71% of them are younger than 35. It’s a pretty useful information if you want to know which platform will help you target your audience. Knowing where to find your target audience will further help you determine the way you will address them.

Fun facts about Instagram users

Days without scrolling, commenting, liking and sharing are long gone thanks to social media. So are the days without posting, uploading, or following. Just when we thought we had it all with Facebook and YouTube, Instagram came along and picked up the game.

Not only did it became popular because of the entertaining content, it opened its doors to businesses as well. Compelling and engaging posts are no longer reserved only for individuals. Businesses, marketers and influencers are reaping the benefits big time.

60% of the users say that they like Instagram because it helps them discover new products and promotions. People obviously find it convenient for them to both see and get informed about the things they like.

The explore page of Instagram is viewed by more than 200 million of users daily. Apparently, Instagram is more popular among women than men, at least in the US. An average user spends 53 minutes on Instagram daily, which is almost as much as they spend on Facebook (58 minutes).

The funny thing is: These numbers are not going down. However, the growth of Instagram users’ number is starting to slow down. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that Instagram is a bigwig among social media platforms nowadays. Some of these numbers will remind you of just how big Instagram has become. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

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