How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

How many people can you tag on Instagram

Tagging people on Instagram, also known as ‘mentions’ is a great way to get more engagement on your posts. It’s important to note that tags, which attach specific people to your posts, are different from hashtags, which attach specific words / categories.

How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

The maximum amount of people that you can tag on Instagram is 20 people. Furthermore, the maximum number of hashtags that you can use in a single post is 30.

If you try to tag more than 20 people, Instagram will display an error that you cannot do so. In fact, originally you were only able to tag 10 people, but Instagram increased this amount due to popular demand.

Why Does Instagram Limit How Many People You Can Tag?

Instagram has to set limits in order to prevent spam. If you make a post and tag 1000 people in it, the purpose of tagging gets defeated. It will no longer mean anything if everyone gets tagged in a post. The point of the feature is that only certain people who have a significant importance related to the post should be tagged in it. Furthermore, other people will get spammed with notifications that they’ve been tagged.

How Can Tagging Be Used to Grow Your Profile?

The most effective way to grow your Instagram profile is to get a high amount of engagement on your posts. This engagement can be in the form of likes, comments and reactions. If you tag a person in your photo, that person will be notified that you have just posted. Basically, it’s a great way to get free Instagram followers, as it only requires time and effort. They will immediately be interested in what you have published as they have been tagged in it. This, in turn, will lead to them engaging with your post, such as by liking it or leaving a comment. This person’s followers will then be notified that they have interacted with your post, which will produce a domino effect of engagement.

Furthermore, by tagging users in your posts, this shows people that you are well connected and have a broad social circle. People who have just discovered you will therefore see you as being important and having a high social status. This, in turn, creates buzz around your profile, and encourages more people to follow you as they want to be part of your social ring. They will be more interested in your life as it will seem as though you have a large number of connections and a lot to offer.

How Are Hashtags Useful?

Hashtags are another form of tagging. They are a great way to apply your post to a certain category. This allows people who are interested in this category, such as fashion, to then discover your post. There are dozens of ways that they can do this. For example, someone may search for a particular brand of clothing. If you have a photo of yourself wearing that brand, and you have included the brand in your hashtags, your photo will show up in the search results. The better your photo, the more engagements it will get, and thus the higher it will show up in these search results.

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