How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

Videos are becoming more popular on Instagram. Studies have shown that videos get over 1200% more shares than than image posts. However, many people wonder exactly how long their Instagram video can be. You don’t want to spend time recording a video with it ending up being too long to post. The answer is that the maximum length that your video can be depends on the type of video that it is. Below we will list the types of Instagram videos and how long they can be.

How Long Can Profile Instagram Videos Be?

Regular videos that you post to your profile can be up to 1 minute long. The reason for this time limit is that it’s simple and easy to remember. Instagram wants you to be able to post interesting content on your profile, but doesn’t want it to be used to publish long films. This is Instagram decided that the time limit of 1 minute is best suited for profile videos.

How Long Can Stories Be on Instagram?

Videos that you post to your story have the shortest allowed time, as they can only be 15 second long. The reason for the short time limit is because stories are meant to be short videos that people watch once. They aren’t intended to be watched for long periods of time.

How Long Can Instagram Live Videos Be?

Instagram Live videos have a very lenient maximum time limit of 1 hour. This limit is the same for everyone, however Instagram is exploring the possibility of increasing this limit. This is because filmmaking on Instagram is becoming more popular, and a higher time limit would be useful for producers looking to publish films.

What is the Time Limit for Instagram Live Videos?

Instagram live videos must be at least 15 seconds long and up to 15 minutes. However, if you have a verified Instagrma profile, the maximum time limit is 1 hour. This is because Instagram TV is often used by celebrities, and the longer time limit can be very useful to them.

Will Instagram Allow for Longer Videos in the Future?

As of 2019, the times listed above are what Instagram feels comftorable with. However, they are exploring the possibility of longer video times. This is because certian videos such as Instagram Live and Instagram TV are becoming more heavily used by celebrities and filmmakers.

Instagram has been trying to diversify from just photos to being a platform for both photos and videos. According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, Instagram is experimenting with allowing videos of up to an hour for both profile videos and story videos. As mentioned, this suggests that Instagram is making the move to being a multi-media platform involving video sharing. However, it is clear that they still want to maintain their original purpose of allowing photo sharing.

In addition to this, Instagram has been making the move to being an E-Commerce platform. They recently added the ability to add purchase buttons to photos. With video being so crucial in marketing, it’s understandable that the company will need to continue to come out with innovative features for content sharing, which of course includes video. It’s exciting to see what Instagram will come out with next in terms of video content and their time limits!

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