How to Get Free Instagram Followers in 2020 – 3 Ways

Free Instagram followers are a fantastic way to grow your profile. There are tons of ways to get followers without having to pay a price. In this article, we’re going to discuss how. But first, why should you avoid paying for followers?

If you order followers, you will most likely be receiving bots. These are going to do more harm than good to your account, so it’s best to avoid doing this. It might seem like a quick and easy method to acquire more fans, but it isn’t worth it. Your account will most likely end up getting banned.

The alternative, and more superior method, is to get Instagram followers for free. There are many ways to go about doing this. The following are just a few strategies.

Use Likes and Comments to Your Advantage

One way to get Instagram followers for free is to like and comment on other people’s posts. By doing this, you will get your profile seen and noticed among the community. There are two important points you should consider when doing this though. Firstly, you should only interact with posts that are in a relevant niche to you. For example, if your Instagrmam profile promotes healthy foods and recipes, you should target perhaps vegan or keto profiles.

The second important point is that you shouldn’t overdo this method. Otherwise, Instagram may label your profile as spam. Liking hundreds of posts every day may get your account banned as Instagram could see you as a bot. So, while it may be tempting to go wild, try to keep a cool head and limit yourself to how many likes and comments you put out. Make sure the comments are genuine too – write a unique message for the specific post that you are commenting on.

After following this method, you will be increasing your account’s presence throughout Instagram. People with similar profiles will take notice and start following you. In short, this is a brilliant way to gain 50, 100 or even 1000 free Instagram followers naturally. There are even services that do this for you. However, it’s best to avoid these as you never know if they are using automated tools that are not allowed by Intsagram.

Create Great Content

Another great method for free IG followers is to create outstanding content. There are many tools that offer a free trial to spice up your content. If your posts are getting lots of attention, people will like and comment, which again increases your presence on Instagram. Try to publish work that makes you stand out from everyone else and really gets people talking. It’s estimated that publishing high quality content can increase your engagement rate by up to 37%.

Great content means anything that grabs the users attention and has a positive impact on their life. On average, Instagram users generally only spend 4 seconds looking at a post before they move on to the next one. So, if you can really capture the user’s imagination and interest, and get them looking at your post for 10 seconds or more, this is excellent. Instagram has very smart algorithms that detect this behaviour too, meaning by posting valuable content, you will be rewarded with more visibility. In essence, this is a fantastic way to acquire free Instagram followers instantly.

Partner With Other Users

The final method for free Instagram followers in 2020 is to partner with other Instagram users. If you strike a deal with another user to mention you to his followers, this opens up a whole new audience for you. The downside to this is that you will most likely have to do the same in return, which your followers may get annoyed with if you do too much. So, choose your friends carefully!

When partnering with other users, be sure you have some level of trust in them. It will not be useful if your partner starts removing your profile promotions after you promote theirs. Furthermore, ensure that their promotions are not spammy. For example, a great way is for them to incorporate your profile link into a content rich post. That way, their followers are receiving something of value as well as the incentive to follow you. Remember, people follow Instagram accounts that they feel will bring value into their life or business. So, whenever you are promoting your Instagram account, always be sure that you are offering something useful that no one else is. This could be unique content, ideas, tips or resources such as guides and tutorials. Instagram is great at separating out spammy accounts that don’t offer any true value, to those that genuinely have something useful. And they will reward you for this too, so it’s worth the extra effort.

So that’s it! We’ve discussed three great ways on how to get free Instagram followers. Give each method a try and when you find one that works well, keep using it until you get where you need to be.

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