Factors to Consider When Buying Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram Likes Tips

Instagram is a fantastic way to push content to your audience on a regular basis. Whether you own a brand, or are your own personal identity, publishing photos on a consistent basis is a great way to keep your fans engaged. Many marketers choose to Buy Instagram Likes in order to maintain a high status on all of their posts. It goes without saying that if all of your posts have 100 or more likes, they’re going to look much more important and engaging than if they get little to no likes.

Purchasing likes really is a simple and cheap way to maintain a high profile for your posts. However, there are many pitfalls and traps that you can fall into. This guide will walk you through the best practices you can adopt when looking for a supplier.

1. The Cheapest Doesn’t Always Mean the Best

Many people are often drawn to the cheapest option when searching for a provider of Instagram likes. Whilst price is important especially when you’re planning to order likes for the long term, you may be losing quality for this lower price. Likes that are ridiculously cheap will most likely end up being bots that will drop off after a few days. However, not all cheap providers are low quality – it may just be that they have efficient infrastructure in place. Just be wary of suppliers who are offering likes for only a few cents – do more research before choosing them.

2. Check the Terms of Service

It’s always good to know if you will have some kind of a guarantee with your purchase. Check the Terms of Service of the supplier you’re looking to by from. If they state that they have a No Refund policy, this should raise questions, as it could mean that a lot of customers ask for refunds, which would indicate that the service is of poor quality. Furthermore, check if they have a refill policy. If you purchase likes from any supplier, it’s quite often that you will lose some of them after a few days. A good supplier will have a refill policy where they promise to add back any likes that you lose.

3. See Which Payment Gateways They Use

Paypal and Stripe are the two most reputable payment gateways. If you ever have a problem with your order, you can open a dispute with these gateways and they will allow you to argue your case, and ultimately acquire a refund. It’s always much safer to purchase from a website that uses these gateways. If the website uses a gateway that you have never heard of, or only accepts Bitcoin, chances are that they have been banned of these gateways and should be avoided, as there will be no way to raise a dispute if things go wrong.

4. Check For Unrealistic Claims

The sales page of the website that is selling likes will often list the features of their service. It’s a good idea to check if they list any unrealistic features, as this will indicate that the service is unreliable. For example, if the website claims that the likes will be delivered ‘instantly’, this may be an indication that the likes will be low quality and will drop after a few days. If the website states that the likes are ‘global’ this actually means that they will most likely be from third world countries rather than Western countries such as the USA and UK.

5. Do Your Research!

The final tip for buying trustworthy Instagram likes is to do your due diligence. Check reviews online for the service that you’re interested in and make sure that their past customers are happy. Trustpilot tends to list the most popular companies. Furthermore, if they have contact details such as a phone number or address, check that they’re real. If not, it’s probably best to avoid that service.

So there you have it! This quick guide gives you some great tips on how to choose a reliable and safe company to Buy Instagram Likes from. Purchasing likes can be very lucrative for your brand, but just make sure you’re choosing a provider that will deliver on their promises.

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