Does Instagram Notify Screenshots? [2020]

Does Instagram Notify Screenshots

Does Instagram Notify You of Screenshots?

One of the many questions people have about Instagram is whether or not it sends a notification when you take a screenshot of someone's post or story. There are many reasons why you may want to do so. For example, you might have found someone's post funny or inspiring and want to save it for later viewing. However, people are likely to get creeped out if they find out you've been taking screenshots of their posts, so it's best to know beforehand!

Other apps, like Snapchat, do notify you when someone screenshots your post. This is because on this app the idea is that people are only meant to be able to see your post once and never again. Notifying you when a screenshot is taken is used to discourage people from taking one in the first place. With Instagram, people can view your posts as many times as they like, so it doesn't matter as much if they take a screenshot. So does Instagram actually notify you of screenshots?

The simple answer to the question is no, Instagram does not send notifications when you screenshot someone's post, story or profile. However, there is one exception to this where Instagram does actually notify of screenshots.

When Does Instagram Notify You of Screenshots?

The only time that Instagram will notify screenshots is in direct messages. Let's say you've been chatting to someone. If they decided they want to save part of the conversation to view later and take a screenshot, you will get notified. If this happens, it might be a good idea not to talk to them anymore!

Sometimes though people will take a screenshot of messages for normal reasons. For example, if your friend tells a funny joke that you want to remember, if gives you an address that you need to use later, you might screenshot it. Now you know though that your friend will be notified if you do decide to take that screenshot.

Why Doesn't Instagram Notify Screenshots?

Instagram is very serious about upholding their users' privacy. If they were to notify every time a screenshot was taken, people would feel less free on the app. Users would also start to get anxious about other things, like whether or not people can see who's viewed their profile or photos. Instagram wants to avoid this feeling in people which is why they do not send notifications.

What Are the Alternative Methods to Taking Screenshots?

If you still feel uneasy about taking a screenshot of someone's post, but want to share the post with other people, there are other methods that you can use. Do note though that these alternative methods will only work on accounts that are public and not private.

Share the Post

If you'd like to share the post across other social media platforms, just go to the photo, tap the plane icon, and then tap ‘Share to…' and choose your social media platform.

Copy the Link

If you'd like to share the post outside of social media, such as by email or SMS, then you can actually copy toe URL to the post. To do this, simply go the to photo, tap the three dots, and then select ‘Copy Link', as shown in the screenshot below:

I Don't Want People to Be Able to Screenshot My Posts, What Can I Do?

If you do not want anyone to screenshot your posts, the only thing you can do is set your profile to private. This can help prevent unwanted visitors from viewing your posts in order to screenshot them. However, nowadays there is new tech to circumvent this. For example, people can use a private Instagram viewer in order to view a private Instagram profile. So, this method is not too effective now.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else you can do to prevent people from taking screenshots of your posts or stories, or to get notified when someone does. The only thing you can do is to set your profile to private, so that only people you trust can view your posts. That way, you don't have to worry about a random stranger saving your posts.